Forró: Dance, Music, and Culture. A Brazilian Trilogy


A Brief History of the Development of Forró and Its Curiosities. The universe of Forró is vast and multifaceted, encompassing music, dance, and culture. However, the understanding of this world is often obscured by misconceptions and confusions about what "Forró" truly is. In this book, Gilson Cristóvão dos Santos, a dancer and enthusiast of the musical genre, untangles this complex web, sharing not only his own journey in the world of Forró but also highlighting the distinctions between Forró as dance, music, and cultural expression.

Throughout the work, Gilson pays tribute to those who were instrumental in shaping and promoting Forró both in Brazil and on the global stage. In doing so, he not only honours the past but also sheds light on the rich tapestry of influences and contributions that form the essence of Forró. By giving voice to artists, musicians, dancers, and enthusiasts, this book is a tribute to Forró and a profound exploration of the many facets that compose this vibrant and captivating universe.

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