The book “From hookup to boyfriend” is a practical guide in timeline format to strengthen your bond with your partner, or to lead with situations adverse from the life sentimental/loving.

This book is a practical guide to help women improve your love relationships and build connectionsstronger and healthier. Addressing a variety of topics, including as to improve the communication, as to lead with conflicts in form effective, as strengthen the trust It is the intimacy It is as ramp up one relationship healthy It is lasting. Each chapter (day schedule) includes exercises practical It is tips Useful for to help you readers the to apply to the information in your own lives loving. At the interval I each day will also contain a motivating and reflective phrase in single page.

In this sense, it is recommended to read one chapter per day, since the book was prepared with the intention of one timeline efficient It is practical, respecting tips specific and gradual to be applied daily. One of the main advantages is that it offers an approach realist It is practice of accessible way, with easy language.

The author uses simple and direct language to make the information easy to understand and apply in everyday life. In addition, from that, O book It is good structured, with one timeline Of coursein chapters, O what become the reading It is The application of information more organized It is effective. With your tips practices, clear language and down-to-earth approach, this book is a must-read. essential for who search ramp up one relationship healthy and happy, we wish one great read.

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