Functional Desserts Masterclass


Learn how to adapt or create mouthwatering desserts -that are very similiar to the traditional desserts- but that are healthy. Your desserts won't have to give in on the flavor, consistency nor the look. No one will even notice that your desserts are not the original versions, but rather healthier versions of the traditonal recipes!

With this masterclass you will be making desserts healthy for the entire family, even those with food intolerances, allergies or even diabetes and loved by all.

It is a course filled with nutrition and baking knowledge, techniques, tools, strategies and many recipes. You will learn about functional ingredients, their ratios and proportions, baking techniques and tools, flavor combinations and so much more. I will teach you the base of functional baking and the whole universe that we can create with it. We will be making cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, ice creams, frostings, creams, fillings and even bread. You will also learn how to make your own plant-based milks, healthy heavy cream, nut butters and so much more.

You will develop a new understanding of what is healthy and unhealthy and why it is so. The explanation about each ingredient's consequence on a recipe as well as in your body will help you to be fully aware of what you should and should not include in a valuable healthy diet and what changes you will have to make to improve your diet and the quality of your life.

Desserts represent the sweetest, most fun and sociable part of our lives. They mean love, friendship and care. Most of the times we make them for others as a present, or to celebrate special memorable moments with our beloved ones. That is why we make them with so much love and joy. When we prepare desserts with love and add ingredients we know are healthy on top of it, the joy, pride and sense of fulfillment multiplies exponentionally. So let's share our love with our beloved ones in a healthier (and delicious) way from now on!

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