German Basic Course | Learn German With Stories


- In my course, you will reach a basic level (A2) of conversation in German.

- Learn everything naturally by listening to Ben's story.

- The story-telling method and, in particular, the "question and answer technique" will help you to reach this goal easily.

- Learn spoken grammar with images and colors in our funny stories.

- Practice actively the content using the APP Quizlet.

- Each course offers a final certification.

- Feel more confident when it comes to communicating.


The alphabet | Conjugation of regular verbs | The nominative | Numbers | Gender rules | Plural | Irregular verbs | Tips on how to learn a language more efficiently | Compound words | The Word "es" | Formal greeting | The accusative | Word order in main sentences | Separable and inseparable verbs | Modal verbs | The dative | Negation | How to ask questions | Conjunctions | The imperative | Determinant possessive | Demonstrative Pronouns | Indefinite Pronouns | Temporal Adverbs | Accusative prepositions | Dative prepositions | Two-way-prepositions | Present Perfect Tense (Perfekt) | Introduction to the Simple Past (Präteritum) | Introduction to the Comparative


Pronunciation rules | How to present yourself | How to make appointments | Using public transportation | Looking for Apartments | Asking / Giving directions | Saying the time and date | Doctor's visit | How to order food in a restaurant


Colors | Family | Body | Clothes | At Home | Food and Beverages | Animals | Professions | Weather | Leisure Activities | Emotions and Adjectives | Countries and Languages


"I'm very happy to have found this course. It is the best course; with the best method, I have experienced so far (I have been studying languages for years). I can say that you can see the love and care that you have put into all this Marcus." - Sabrina


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Marcus Fritzsche
2 Hotmarter Years


I am Marcus Fritzsche, teacher, language lover, and author of several books for language students. I am from Germany but currently I live on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

I have been teaching languages in my own academy, at university and online for more than a decade. I have helped thousands of people and I continue to do so. :D

Over the last few years I have dedicated a lot of time and energy to discover and improve the best learning methods. And I couldn't be happier because learning languages is now fun and efficient at the same time.

What are you waiting for?

"You live a new life for every language you speak."



Ich bin Marcus Fritzsche, Lehrer, Sprachenliebhaber und Autor mehrerer Bücher für Sprachschüler. Ich komme aus Deutschland, aber derzeit lebe ich auf der schönen Insel Teneriffa.

Seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt unterrichte ich Sprachen in meiner eigenen Akademie, an der Universität und online. Ich habe Tausenden von Menschen geholfen und tue das auch weiterhin. :D

In den letzten Jahren habe ich viel Zeit und Energie darauf verwendet, die besten Lernmethoden zu entdecken und zu verbessern. Und ich könnte nicht glücklicher sein, denn Sprachen lernen macht jetzt Spaß und ist gleichzeitig effizient.

Worauf warten Sie noch?

"Sie leben ein neues Leben für jede Sprache, die Sie sprechen."



Soy Marcus Fritzsche, profesor, amante de los idiomas, y autor de varios libros para estudiantes de idiomas. Soy de Alemania pero actualmente vivo en la hermosa isla de Tenerife.

Llevo más de una década enseñando idiomas en mi propia academia, en la universidad y online. Así he ayudado a miles de personas y sigo haciéndolo. :D

Durante los últimos años he dedicado mucho tiempo y energía a descubrir y mejorar los mejores métodos de aprendizaje. Y no puedo estar más contento porque aprender idiomas ahora es divertido y eficiente al mismo tiempo.

¿A qué esperas?

"Tienes tantas vidas como idiomas hablas."

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