Get laid using The Law of Attraction

There aren't so many ways to get laid with hot girls. If you are not a famous athlete, celebrity, influencer, hunky guy, rich man or an animal party, your chances are minimal. If you are not the kind of guy with these qualities mentioned, take it easy! It's proven that the law of attraction works for good or bad. Just read or watch Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor among others gurus of the law of attraction theory, stating that everything you wish, consciously or subconsciously comes true.

In my experience, I dare to say that a lot of mishaps have happened when I started my day with a minor nuisance, then turned worse when I started cursing and complaining, like three or four consecutively misfortuned events took place one after the other. The same thing happened on the other side; a lucky event made others come along.

Regarding my sexual life, I used to hang a vision board with a bunch of girls making out and naked; after a while, I had sex with a hot sexy yougsters. I even took part in two threesome sexual intercourses, one of them was ex love partner. Believe or not, this visual aid helped me with this. Now, can you imagine how many loose women you could get by simply do your homework? This activity book tells you how! Trust me! This tool is even more effective than a vision board. Why? Because with this workbook you are going to use your imagination and emotions that you will boost your desire. If you haven't seen the movie the secret, I strongly suggest doing so! The experts say that the Universe, God or The Grand Soul, call It as you wish, will grant all your desires and thoughts. No matter whether they are good or bad. You act like a magnet to everything. If your thoughts are those of prosperity, prosperity is what you get, but if your thoughts are those of scarcity, guess what you will get?

Give it a go and have fun and get laid!

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    Tony Gyn

    I am an amateur writer pursuing a career in the publishing business. I have the solely purpose of sharing experience in life through text that will help others in many ways. I want t become rich,, of course, live in a mansion have a bunch of hot girls and a family, too. I hope that by doing this, I will help you to become as rich as I want and to have as many girls as I want.

    Is it easy for me? Not at all, but the entreprenurial path is only for the brave! I wanna make myself clear. No monkey business. If you want to read one of my books is because your interest in life is to be someone who won't have to wake up every day and do the same old mediocre thing you do to just live by; I'm sure you want the same things every Alpha man wants, the thing is that you are too shy or coward to speak it loud!

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