English Concept Part 1 - you will discover more on understanding yourself and we will explain each concept in a simple way for you to understand the differences between each. You will discover your concept circle. We recommend you read this guide until you understand this circle. It's the starting point to understand your will discover what influences your will discover the warning signs that you may have an unhealthy Part of this guide you will discover something called I-TALK. and learn how to change the way you talk to your self.

You discover self-respect and an updated way to look at self-respect, self-care and self-love. This guide has exercises and information used by some of the worlds best leaders in personal development. The information covered in this guide you will never learn in any classroom. We have taken years to research, study and by trial and error put this guide together with some of the best information out there. The information in this guide has helped thousands of people to understand themselves and to under how they think or judge themselves. In this guide, you will learn how powerful your mind can be and how best to start to reprogram it to best serve you and achieve your desired results.

With this guide, you will start to you better understanding yourself and you may find out why you might thinking and behaving in a certain way. We all have some challenges that might be affecting us, but if we don't have a starting point, we can never know which direction to go in. Let this guide be the starting point to become a better version of your future self.

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