Grammar and Vocabulary for Teachers

This course focuses on providing teachers with more in-depth knowledge of key areas of English grammar and vocabulary.

It can be hard to say where grammar ends and vocabulary begins. Prepositions, for example: grammar or vocabulary? How about verb patterns, i.e. whether a verb should be followed by ing, to, bare infinitive, etc.? Phrasal verbs — vocabulary, right? But we need to know if they’re separable, inseparable, transitive, intransitive, and so on, all of which are grammatical aspects. In this course, we’ll bring it all together and discuss the most important aspects of grammar and vocabulary at the same time.

Here are some of the areas the course will cover: how to study grammar and vocabulary; time, tense, and aspect; futurity; narrative tenses; collocations; types of clauses; verb patterns; prepositions; punctuation; multi-word verbs; idioms; conditionals; passive voice; emphasis; unreal time and subjunctives; modality; word formation; and more.

Each module on the course comprises:

video lessons;

extra materials (texts, videos, etc.) to help you further your knowledge of every topic;

quizzes at the end of every lesson;

contact with the tutor via email and via an exclusive WhatsApp group every step of the way.

General information:

- It is recommended candidates be at least at a B2 level of English, as all the lessons and materials are in ungraded English.

- You can purchase the course(s) at any point of the year.

- For more information, write to or send us a WhatsApp message: (+5511 94505-1811)

NB: The current price is valid until December 12, 2023.

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