Growing Up: Teachble Stories About Life's Big Lessons


Introducing "Growing Up: Learning About Life's Big Lessons" - an eBook designed to teach children about fundamental issues of adult life.

This eBook is perfect for parents who want to start conversations with their children about important topics such as love language, mental health, relationships, and more. Through engaging stories and colorful illustrations, children will learn about these complex issues in a way that is easy to understand and relatable.

Each story of the eBook focuses on a different topic and is filled with valuable information and practical advice. For example, the storie of Lily, children will learn about what is love, how to demonstrate on their own way, and ways to feel loved. In the story of Alex on the importance of reading book, children will learn about how it can be valuable to read a book and how it can help them.

With "Growing Up: Teachble Stories About Life's Big Lessons," children will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a successful future. They will learn about the importance of overcoming faileur, healthy relationships, and taking care of themselves and others.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver, this eBook is a valuable resource for teaching children about the fundamental issues of adult life. With its engaging stories and practical advice, "Growing Up: Teachble Stories About Life's Big Lessons" is the perfect tool for starting important conversations with the children in your life.

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