Gugy adventure in Machu Picchu

Gugy in adventures in Machu Picchu, is the English version of Gugy in adventures in Tierra de Incas. Version for the beginning of learning and alternative in the English language. I want it to be a motivation for your children to learn another language. We managed to initiate them into reading in other languages.

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Motivates the child towards reading,

Price lower than a `published product.

Learning time is reduced. Create habit towards reading.

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Gaston Sciolli
2 Hotmarter Years

I am the author and creative of the contents under my Gugy Toons brand. After 33 years of editor, author, creative and distributor activities, of more than 30 products, today I enter the digital age with E-Comics. I currently have 6 versions of the story GUGY EN AVENTURAS EN TIERRA DE INCAS, available in various versions and in English as well. ready for children to learn to read fast, and create reading habits. they will treasure their first e-comic on their tablets. I want children to be able to advance in their process through auxiliary pages where they can remember what they have read, discern and understand the message and concepts, in clear, polite and simple language.

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