Guide to Scientific Filmmaking

This book will teach, inspire and guide researchers, educators and environmentalists who wish to transform their research, projects and lectures into quality and interesting videos.

Videos are powerful tools for teaching and transmitting knowledge. Nowadays, people spend an average of 5 hours a day on the internet, and most of this time is used accessing content in social media platforms and watching videos. This new form of communication has come to stay and is increasingly used for the dissemination of projects, research and events within the scientific areas.

The internet and its social networks offer a great opportunity to propagate science, education and environmental awareness in an easy and more far reaching way compared to traditional means. This book includes all the basic and important theoretical information, and also many practical tips for you to start producing your videos.

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This book is a theoretical and practical guide for simple and quality filmmaking. It will teach you all you need to know in order to start to produce simple and interesting videos. This guide comes with many examples and exercises for you to practice your filmmaking.

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Thomas Olof Berg Hasper
1 Hotmarter Year

Meu interesse por ciência, natureza e aventuras começou cedo em minha vida e felizmente já me levou para vários lugares do mundo. Minha carreira científica começou com um bacharelado em ciências biológicas pela UFRGS, seguido de um mestrado em biologia marinha e um doutorado em ciências ambientais feitos na Suécia.

Fotografia e filmagem se tornaram mais do que um simples "hobby", e desde 2001 venho documentando minhas viagens pessoais e de trabalho. Fotografia de natureza e paisagem são minhas especialidades, e adoro capturar em imagens a complexidade e beleza de ambientes naturais.

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