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MMSorge – Seven Chakras Healing Frequencies is a psychospiritual sound therapy (sound, soul and spirit) consisting of a collection of MP3 audio (digital version). It started with the goal of treatment, healing and well-being of humanity. It was developed through studies and research in the fields of science, music and spirituality, connecting the ancient wisdom of the East with the scientific knowledge of the West.

The objective of this work is to harmonize the seven basic chakras of the human body by means of sound frequencies that have the function of balancing and redistributing the whole physical, mental and spiritual energy of our being. All of us human beings are composed of multiplicities of more subtle bodies that are connected to the physical body. When we align and balance these bodies in perfect synchronicity, we begin the awakening of a new consciousness.


7 audio files in MP3 format with 30 minutes of sound frequencies for the treatment and rebalancing of the chakras + 1 PDF file of the book 7 Chakras Healing Frequencies with 148 pages + art to print covers for CDs + 1 file in MP3 format for NLP relaxation.

You will receive, as a totally free bonus, an MP3 of the eighth volume with all the frequencies of the collection in one file for a complete relaxation of the 7 chakras.

By purchasing this collection you will be acquiring a complete and unlimited treatment!

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