Help from above

You are different, walk in power, miracles and favour, Bad company corrupt good character. He that walks with the wise shall also be wise but a companion of fools will be destroyed. Mary said let it be unto me according to thy word. Key to dismantle failure that keep us stagnant Admit you need help admission is almost half problem solved. Prodical son said I will arise and go to my father. We have pride over nothing, let us be charged and shaken up

A higher dimension needs you to humble yourself and say father I need you. There is something about a voice of brokenness, genuine brokenness attracts the attention of his majesty, he said indeed I will be with you in paradise. May god expose you to new dimension, the ability to expand n know the possibilities that are out there beyond your scope of reference. There are possibilities in Christ, the love of god, the fellowship of the holy spirit – you can relate to the holy spirit, may your exposure be a blessing JOHN 3 31. Trust God and refuse your current level. I’m tired of limitations that come with this level. The strength of Spiritual investment enables you to stand against the devil

God does not restore things but also time the hand of God is able to go into your yesterday and take everything there and take it forward to your tomorrow, your confidence is when you sustain a superior believe where you are transformed to a decree you have the mind of Christ. It is true we live in dark world full of evil – arrows fly by day but the wisdom of god is at work in me the jealousy of God has been invested in you, that when man say there is a casting down, for you there is a lifting up

DEUTERONOMY 28 1-From whatever background, regardless situation, I believe he set me high above nations. May these blessings over take you believe it and receive it may you not go empty

Stay blessed Amen

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Elias Namane

I am friendly approachable person, passionate about helping people identify their potential through knowledge sharing from leadership to value system and results driven strategies. I come in to close the gap for those who feel lost, push them towards their Destiney through identifying their potential God given ability, draw them closer to strategies from foundation throughout the final product. I believe foundation is very important in establishing who you are and why you exist, most of all why would someone believe in your ideas that your ideas has the potential to solve a problem in-exhange for reward

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