Herbs of Power: Herbal allies in Brazilian Folk Magick


Inspired by a video I've made some time ago on YouTube, 7 plants you didn't know were magickal, this e-book talks about the magickal uses of over 30 plants according to Brazilian folk practices.

There are native plants, but also some others that are known and used worldwide, such as rosemary, basil, orange, rue, aloe vera, coffee, tobacco, and many more...

With this e-book you will learn not only how to use plants a little bit differently of what you're used to in bath magick, smudging and floor washes, but also a divination technique using onions. Yes, that's right! It's an old but gold classic method.

If you want to step outside of the box and learn new information about plants you already know, and some that you are yet to meet, grab yourself a copy of this e-book!

PDF file - 63 pages

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