Hollow Wooden Surfboard Building Instructions


What’s New in This Book?

That’s a great question. If you are familiar with my previous book

“Building a Hollow Wooden Surfboard” you will no doubt see

some things in this book that look familiar. That book was

originally written in 2004 and the first copies were sold on eBay.

Those instructions were designed to help DIYers build a nice wood

surfboard because there weren’t any good instructions available.

But to make the instructions easy, some compromises were

made. First, the ribs were made in two halves. We had seen that

cutting the center slot exactly right was a problem. It was causing

boards to be lopsided. Making the ribs in two identical pieces

ensures that the board will be symmetrical.

Probably the biggest compromise made was making the board

with a flat deck. The dome of the board really serves no purpose

and a flat deck is easier to build. Most people didn’t even notice

the deck was flat because of the way the rails were blended into

the decking. Thousands of those boards were built and are still

being used today.

But it’s a new age and time to move on. In this book we show

how to make computer designed boards with dome decks and

high performance foils. Those designs are our product now.

There are plenty of places to find building instructions YouTube

has many videos some better than others and you can learn

something from every one of them. They all have ways of doing

things that work well. We’ve studied them, tried lots of things

and put what works best for us in this book.

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