Hosanna Music Tom Brooks Electric Piano Sounds and Tutorial E-Book

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One of the defining factors in getting the ‘Tom Brooks feel’ in your worship style is the choice of keyboard sound.

Toms keyboard sounds were generally either a ‘multi-patch’ FM electric piano sound, acoustic grand piano or Hammond B3 Organ.

This soundpack provides the keyboard patches in Kontakt and Soundfont format that he used generally from the years 1988 through to around 1997.

Please note - The Kontakt sounds will only load into Kontakt 5.6.5 (full version) and above. If using the free Kontakt player they will only load in 15minute demo mode.

-Korg M1 Piano 8’

-Korg M1 Piano 16’

-Korg M1 Super EP

-Korg 01W Dyno

-Roland JD800 Crystal Rhodes

-Roland JD800/990 MIDI’ed Grand

-Roland SR-JV80-01 Dyno Rhodes

-Roland SR-JV80-03 Beauty Rhodes

-Roland SR-JV80-03 Pop Rhodes 1

-Roland SR-JV80-03 Pop Rhodes 3

-Kurzweil PC88 Digital EPiano

-Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

-Yamaha DX7 Fulltines

-Yamaha DX7 EPiano 4

-Yamaha TG77 Belltine

-Yamaha TG77 Ice Ring

-Yamaha TG77 Itopia

-Yamaha TX802 Fulltines

-Yamaha TX802 Hardtines

-Yamaha TX802 - Whisper A

- and more!

The kontakt files have combination presets for various albums, which I believe are quite close to the original patches used. I have laid them out in terms of the year and associated album. There are definitely variations of their use from song to song, however these are the general sounds.

- 1989 - Lord of All

- 1989 - We Have Overcome

- 1990 - Eternal God

- 1991 - Jesus is Alive

- 1992 - Lift Him Up

- 1994 - God is Able

- 1994 - As For My House

- 1995 - Sing Out

- 1996 - Welcome Home / God Can

- 1997 - Let Your Glory Fall

Also included is a PDF E-Book tutorial on how to play in the style of Tom Brooks (56 Pages including chord diagrams and example songs). This e-book is designed as a brief overview to help you get a handle on the praise and worship keyboard style of Tom Brooks.

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