How To Cold Call | 10 Step Sales Manual

How To Cold Call

10 simple steps that turned an awkward introvert into a top salesperson

This 10-step manual turned me from having below average sales into a top salesperson making 6-figures, 2 years later...

… and you can learn all these simple tips today

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The vast majority of salespeople are getting well below average sales figures, just scraping their bills every month. And some people seem to do well at everything...

So what is their secret?

That is what I discovered, and I want to share it with YOU

Now I have a great life. With a fantastic marriage, two amazing kids who I spend time with, and I could send to the school of our choice. We live in the area we want to be in, and we also have a holiday home on the coast. We travel all the time and at the same time work on projects when we want to, not because we have to.

This all came about because of the lessons in those 10 steps.

Here is everything you get when you buy The 10-Step Sales Manual today...

Email and letter templates

Tried and tested formulas for grabbing the attention of the right people and getting them interested in reading more.

Phone call scripts

What to say at the right time, how to get past the ‘gatekeeper’ and actually get them to help you, and what to say to the buyer to get the outcome you are after. Including what to say when faced with specific objections.

Meeting script templates

How to steer any meeting to the outcome you desire, by helping other people feel great, even though you are in control of the conversation.

Personal performance forms

Simple systems to stay in control and to avoid being overwhelmed.

100%, 30-day guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with this manual for any reason, just let me know, send it back and I will refund your entire investment.


The 5Cs proven selling system.

The simple system that reminds you of all the lessons you have learnt, and to keep you on track.


Buying Signals and Personalities.

Learn the physical indicators showing you when a prospect is ready to buy.

I have taken the sales manual I developed with years of experience, condensed it so you get everything in a small e-book that can change your life today.

Hit the button NOW and start to take control of your life.

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Alan Cheesley
2 Hotmarter Years

Being a self-employed entrepreneur since the age of 17, and a real traveller, has given me lots to share. I do this in 3 ways online, through 3 businesses:-

Sales Training - books and manuals

Digital Marketing -

Cycling Adventures -

The drive has always been to have fun helping small business owners, creative people, and entrepreneurs succeed, grow and achieve things they never thought possible. With ‘sales’ at the core, the goal is to simplify processes, improve them, and then automate as much as possible to 'make the most of every moment'.

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