How to Flourish in My Life?

How to flourish in my life?

A book that has been written with the purpose of helping people who want to improve their psychological-emotional well-being and achieve balance in their lives. Because with a positive attitude, problems become challenges, obstacles become teachings, and sorrows are part of life, and to flourish in life, attitude makes the difference and thus sees the world in the best way.

This book contains tests and activities that will help you get to know yourself more deeply and develop psychological skills that will allow you to flourish in different areas of your life.

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Besy Calix Rosales

Soy Besy Calix Rosales Licenciada en Desarrollo Social y Maestra de Psicologia Positiva Aplicada, me gusta la musica, tocar piano y guitarra, leer libros, trabajo regular en una factoria.

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