How to make a homemade remote control: control your cart, boat, airplane, and drone with this remote control

In this manual you will learn how to build your own homemade remote control made from cardboard and pet bottle caps in a simple and easy way. With this remote control, you can automate your projects, such as making a remote control cart, boat, airplane, helicopter, and even automate your home, such as making your garage door open and close remotely. It is also possible to make bells and alarms, and this will depend on your creativity and dedication.

In this tutorial I teach you how to make two PCB (printed circuit board) boards for the circuit that will contain the radio frequency transmitter and receiver module that works with 433 mhz. It contains the entire schematic diagram of the circuit to make these boards, and I also show the entire step by step process.

In this manual you will learn how to work with the integrated circuits HT12E (ENCODER) and HT12D (DECODER). The differential of this tutorial is the explanation in a simplified and didactic way in which you will learn how to work with these embedded chips, essential to build this remote control in a simple, cheap and effective way.

This way of making a remote control is simplified by the ability to not need to do separate programming. For example, if you were to make a remote control with the arduino platform you would need to program in c/c++ and other languages. With this form presented here in this manual, it is not necessary to do programming.

With this super manual on how to make a homemade remote control: best method in a few steps, you will make your remote control without needing to know much electronics. Everything is well explained and illustrated, and you will spend very little money on this project.

Buy this manual, learn how to build your remote control and give movement and automation to your projects.

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