How to Make a Trading Plan E-book

Didn't you make money out of trading yet?

Success involves a plurality of principles that you must implement, like planning!

Trading should be seen and managed as a business. Do you think any business can survive with no planning?

Do you have a clear strategy?

Do you know how to spot a good entry?

Do you know what your stop-loss should be?

Do you know how you will react if you are having a losing trade?

Do you know how you will react if you are having a winning trade?

Do you how much you will wait till a setup forms?

Do you know for how long you hold a position?

Do you know how many pairs to trade?

The list is long, the real question is, Do you have a frikin plan?

This e-book will guide you through the process to build an effective plan. You must know yourself to build it up: your style, what you feel comfortable with, what avilable time you have..

We are here to make it easy for you!

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“Todas las estrategias e inversiones involucran riesgo de pérdidas. Ninguna de las informaciones que se encuentran en este producto debe ser interpretada como una garantía de resultados.”

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