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Welcome to the Digital Market universe

In today's world in which we live, almost everything that is for sale is migrating to the Digital Market or E-Commerce and as much as people don't believe it, most stores have closed and thousands of people have lost their livelihood, imagine a closed mall.

This has already been happening with the emergence of large online sales platforms for affiliated sellers and also large department stores migrating to digital commerce.

Anyone who doesn't learn to work from home, whether with a cell phone, tablet or notebook, will have serious difficulties earning money and there's no point in thinking they'll study and pass public exams because it's already very competitive.

My intention here is to facilitate your understanding and learning about the world of Mercado Digita, and selling on the Internet is relatively easy if you know certain skills.

There are many videos talking about this but the vast majority hide certain information about the sales process. Unfortunately I can't post here those that really teach the sales process in detail. I watched a lot of videos until I formed a concept of the simplest thing to do.

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