Introduction To Pinstriping

This course willl show you everything you've ever wanted to know about the tradicional Pinstriping techniques...

With pre-recorded classes, Introduction to Pinstriping methodology was designed so anybody in the world that loves the Kustom World can stripe.

Specially for starters, there may be a huge ammount of questions on how to take care of your brush, prepare your paint, hold your brush the correct way when striping designs, etc....

The goal here is to train and mentor you, answering all of your questions along the way. To conquer that we offer a 2 year support and monthly Q&A's with Mazooma Mike.

An experienced pinstriper that travels around US and Brazil every year to pinstripe on Car Shows.

His idea is to support and answer all the questions that you may have that no other pros gave their time to answer.

As bonus you'll get:

An Alpha 6 paint and brush coupon discount...

Acess to our exclusive facebook group for support

100 designs to use as reference for practice.

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