Jiu Jitsu Curriculum | Step By Step BJJ Coach System + 13 Instructional Bonus!!! | Over 600 Techniques !!!


Over 400 techniques, going step-by-step from White to Black Belt Level!!!

+12 single instructionals covering a variety of bonus techniques…

+The very first BJJ Curriculum with over 120 techniques “from the 90s”!!!

The BJJ Curriculum Roots was filmed by Prof. Marcello C. Monteiro in the late 90s (1998-1999). It’s a relic of videos that were filmed on VHS tapes and recently converted to digital. There are 120 gold techniques divided into basics, intermediate, and advanced.

You will watch a powerful combination of fundamental and advanced techniques, such as the Adv Deep Half, De La Riva, and Helicopter (the beginning of the Berimbolo), lapel concepts from the 90s, and more. Some have never been shown before!

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