Kindle Riches


The Kindle is a much faster, easier, and higher probability of succeeding method to publishing.

E-books are a huge market currently with the ever growing technology age. Trying to get

published by an offline big time marketing company is much more difficult.

If you have a book that you think just has to be published and you were born into this universe to

bring it to be seen by the world, the Kindle is your friend. This book is going to get straight to

what you need to know (without unnecessary fluff and fillers to pad the book up). You’re

probably feeling nervous and overwhelmed.

No need to fear; sit back and relax. This book will tell you the crux of what you need to know on

how to publish on the Kindle. Keep in mind that technology evolves fast, so by the time you read

this guide some of the features may have changed slightly, i.e. some of the features such as

navigation may change, but the overall process will still be valid.

Advantages to using The Kindle

 No physical junk that takes up space and creates dust

 It’s fast and easy to edit your book at any time

 Convenient for you and the reader to use; libraries of books in your pocket

 Easier to get the recognition you deserve that is harder to win with offline publishers

 Doesn’t require literary agents for publication, which is often as tough to get as a


 Big Publishing companies also publish their books on Kindle, allowing the “playing

field” to come close to level than ever before


 Doesn’t have the status as traditional published books contain

 Doesn’t have the marketing behind it that could give it immense exposure

 Requires patience to prove yourself as a quality author

Chapter two will give a summary of the signing up process, which can appear overwhelming and

confusing at first, but is really very simple. The key is to set time apart, be relaxed, and patient

with it all. There’s no rush; the key is consistency over time. That is what is going to make you a

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