Let there be light (Subtitulos en Español)


As a photographer, being able to control an manipulate light alows me to be able to create images the way i want them. There are so many aspects to consider before you take the shot: which modifier should i use? where should i place my light? how many lights should i use? Well, im here to help YOU with all those choices.

In this course i will teach you everything i know about lighting. I will disect as much as possible every concept so you can learn about this wonderful world and start taking your photography to the next level!


Como fotografo, ser capaz de controlar luz me permite crear imagenes de la manera que quiero. Hay muchos aspectos a considerar a la hora de hacer la toma: Que modificador deberia usar? Donde pongo la luz? Cuantas luces debo usar? Pues bien, estoy aqui para AYUDARTE con todas esas decisiones.

En este curso te enseñare todo lo que se sobre iluminacion. Desmenuzare lo mas que pueda cada concepto para que puedas aprender sobre este maravilloso mundo y empieces a llevar tu fotofrafia al siguiente nivel.

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