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This material was developed with necessary information to show the importance of lighting in project development. We want to see people happier. We want to see people living better, and, of course, a good lighting project can bring a feeling of coziness and well-being.

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Renata Pocztaruk
4 Hotmarter Years

Hi! My name is Renata Pocztaruk, I'm an architect with more than a decade of experience and over six thousand redesigned homes delivered.

I have always stood out for my creative and innovative ideas, so I founded my own architecture and interior design company in 2015 to provide faster and cheaper services with high quality standards.

Since then, we became a leading company in Brazil! But it wasn't that easy to get there..

I had to coach a lot of professionals to keep the business growing without compromising the quality of our services. Some years later, I realized that I had started an educational business to develop those professionals, which has reached over forty thousand students. And I discovered a new passion: teaching!

To keep innovating, leading the market in Brazil and working with my new passion, last year we launched a series of DIY books to help the ones with no money (or wish) to hire a professional!!

And today.. we are taking a step further translating our books to go beyond our borders and make YOU and all citizens of the world one step closer from your dream home.

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