Love Yourself: A Journey to Powerful Self-Esteem


This self-esteem course is a unique opportunity for students to learn about the most important principles for having a powerful self-esteem. Through practical exercises, real-life examples, and reflection techniques, students will learn to:

Accept themselves as they are;

Not compare themselves to others;

Learn to say "no" and pratice the power of assertiveness;

Forgive themselves for past mistakes;

Seek help when needed;

Set goals and work to achieve them;

Establish healthy boundaries

Live without guilt;

Express emotions in a healthy way;

Learn to listen to and value the opinions of others, without losing your own voice;

Learn to deal with criticism, and use it as fuel to sucess;

Find balance between self-care and caring for others;

Learn to celebrate achievements and be grateful for what they have;

And much more...

At the end of the course, students will have the tools they need to build strong and resilient self-esteem and will be equipped to face life's challenges with confidence and determination.

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