Machiavellian Love


You can truly love someone, but there are people who turn love into a game – once involved, they won’t hesitate to try to control the romance without considering the consequences to ensure their position at the top. As they deal the cards, they determine how they prefer to be treated by their targets.

No matter how loyal you appear to them, to withstand the burden of living a great love, many need to lie, manipulate, and betray to feel safe and in control of the romance; because they cannot bear the risk of abandonment.

Known for claiming that the ends justify the means, this work brings the Machiavellian synthesis immersed in the psychology of modern romances in order to allow you to see the weak point of those who love, an uncontrollable desire capable of tearing down their masks, an insecurity, a secret pleasure, a crack in the castle wall...

Prepare yourself for a biased read with hostile methods that will allow you to take command of your romances and even bring someone who today tramples on your feelings back to their knees for you.

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