Maltese programme calisthenics


Wide : Planche with wide grip ; from the moment when the distance between the hands exceeds the width of

the shoulders, to the distance preceding maltese position.

Japanese handstand : Handstand (straight arms, vertical and straight body, retroversion of the pelvis, legs

stretched and aligned with the upper body), with a width equivalent to the maltese position.

Deadplanche : Crushed planche where the shoulders lean forward excessively and reach the hands level. The

hold is mainly done by the wrists strength.

Intensity : Ratio between the amount of work and time.

Specific strengthening : Work with the main goal of strength training, building muscle, increasing endurance and strengthening the joints. Generally composed by isolated exercises performed in long sets (8-20

repetitions) and with little rest (1-3 minutes).

Strength and technique work : Work with the main goal of gaining strength and improving technique. Generally composed by body weight exercises/figures performed in short sets (1-8 repetitions) and with a lot of

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