Manual Exams Hospitable - Electrocardiogram - Echocardiogram - Exams Laboratory - Immunological - Parasitological - Microbiological - Radiological -


General introduction to diagnostic tests

Utilities of the Main Exams

Criteria for using tracking procedures

Prefactors - Analytics

Collection of blood samples

Types of Laboratory Tests

Characteristics of the Methods

Interfering with doses

Running rapid tests and microscopy

Definition of rapid tests

Obtaining the sample


Types of rapid tests

Advantages and disadvantages

Introduction to urine analysis

Collection and preparation of samples


Biochemical tests in urinalysis

Microscopic urinary sediment

Fresh Preparation of Vaginal Fluid

Preparation of the biopsy smear

Tape examination for pinworms

Qualitative Semen Analysis

Rapid Ultrasound Test (Portable)

Complete blood count

Lipid Profile

Urea and Creatinine

Application of the main laboratory tests


Liver Markers

Pancreatic markers

C-Reactive Protein

Exam cytopathology

Application of the Main Immunological and Molecular Tests

Serological tests


Interpretation of the results


Conventional PCR

Principle and necessary conditions




PCR in real time

Fecal parasitology

Sample collection and stability

Macroscopic examination

Application of the Main Parasitological Examinations

Microscopic examination

Concentration Techniques

Hoffman Method

Faust method

Willis method

Parasitological in blood samples

Smear and thick drop

Application of the Main Microbiological Tests

Types of coloring

Gram stain

Ziehl-Neelsen stain

Bacterial morphology

Microbial culture

Phases of microbial growth

Macroscopic characteristics

Planting techniques

Types of culture medium

Application of the Main Radiological Examinations

Brain exams

Skull tomography

Brain Resonance

CT angiography

Neck examinations

Neck resonance

Application of the echo and electrocardiogram examination


Sinus rhythm

Composition of the ECG

ECG Segments

Heart rate

ECG leads


Description of the method

Realization and Windows

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