Master the Guitar in 7 Days !


Who else wants Full Access to the Sizzling Hot Guitar Niche with Passionate Buyers Clamoring for Your Product?

It looks like you want to learn the guitar! Congratulations! You will find this endeavor rewarding and at times, very trying.

There won't be a magic button you can press that will make you good. Practice will be the only way to get where you want to go and play the way you want to play, a lot of practice.

Playing the guitar is an enriching experience with many rewards along the way!




Day 1 Pgs 4-12:

Introduction, Fundamentals of Your Guitar,

Tuning, Hand & Finger Basics, Posture


Day 2 – Review of Day 1

(Practice “For What it's Worth”) Pgs 13-21:

Open Chords, Major open chords

Minor open chords, Dominant 7th major chords, Major 7th open chords

Diminished chords, Augmented chords, Summary


Day 3 – Review of Day 1 - 2

(Practice “Hurt”) Pgs 22-37:

Beginning Theory

Major scales, Minor scales,

Harmonic minor scales, Melodic minor scales


Day 4 – Review of Day 1 - 3 Pgs 38-45:

Beginning Theory Cont., Key signature glossary,

Notation & other music symbols


Day 5 – Review of Day 1 - 4 Pgs 46-47:



Day 6 – Review of Day 1 - 5

(Practice “Hey There Delilah”) Pgs 48-64:-

CAGED system for barre chords, E & A Forms,

Power chords, Strumming Patterns


Day 7 – Review all Days

(Practice “Seven Nation Army”) Pgs 65-71:

Time to Play, Conclusion


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