Method BS


The BS Method is a practical course, with the same step-by-step Brazilian Shadow Technique as the in-person course, but 100% online.

The biggest goal is for you to feel as if you were here with us, learning everything and having Ester keeping an eye on every detail and having the security and confidence to put Brazilian Shadow's teachings into practice in any type of service and client you do. !

To achieve this, the classes were created with a methodology developed exclusively for this moment and with this course you will be prepared to apply the Brazilian Shadow Technique EVEN IN THE MOST DIFFICULT CASES IN YOUR DAY TO DAY!

Divided into 3 pillars and +30 classes, you will learn: the complete theory of the Brazilian Shadow Technique; all the maneuvers and effects that guarantee the perfect result; how to train correctly; the step-by-step demonstration of BS in comma eyebrows, light skin, oily skin, dark skin, post-laser, blonde, redhead and other common everyday cases.

All of this done in 4K recording quality, minimal attention to every detail is created so that you get results.

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