Mini Spanish course for children

In this course you will learn the demonstrative adjectives, ESTE - ESE - AQUEL.

You will learn grammar through a video lesson and practice with exercises, videos.and podcast.

Is a course aimed to young children with little or no knowledge of Spanish, for children who are studying Spanish and want to improve and practice the language and for teachers who want to add material to their classes.

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    Elsa Patricia Pasquini

    Hi, I'm Patricia Spanish teacher. Bachelor's degree in Education and DELE and TEFL Certification.

    After several years teaching online I realized that following a textbook was not enough for my students, so little by little during the COVID pandemic I have planned and developed my own material. With my friend and colleague Patry Noble we developed this Spanish courses for absolute beginners and A1 level. I am still working on the next levels to give continuity of study to the children.

    Now I'm sharing this work with all of you! Hope you enjoy!

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