Module 2: Human Anatomy in Zbrush


In this second module you will learn to customize the interface to facilitate your workflow focused on the realization of characters, you will use a set of tools that will allow you to control the shapes. You will apply advanced techniques to optimize your time management. In each muscle block we will explain how to generate the correct shape for each one, and how they are attached to the bones by means of the tendons respectively.

You will learn everything you need to model anatomically correct characters, you will learn muscle by muscle with its respective name and we will give you many tips and tricks to apply this knowledge to your future projects. In the module you will understand the correct shape and proportion of a character's body, head, hands and feet with techniques that facilitate their understanding, in addition to appropriating the use of the best tools and resources provided by the software to generate them correctly.

To finish this path, you will apply all this knowledge in the creation of a 3D character well known to all - Batman -, you will put into practice your anatomy skills and the basic concepts acquired through the two previously seen modules. You will learn how to work as a technical supervisor, a production coordinator and save time with the implementation of incremental development.

At the end of this second module you will be fully capable of applying character creation techniques to any type of Realistic, Cartoon, Manga character or whatever style you need or that best suits your personal or commercial project.

Module 2: Human Anatomy

Vol 4: Anatomy of the body.

Vol 5: Anatomy of the head.

Vol 6: Anatomy of hands and feet.

Vol 7-8 Batman Anatomy.

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