Monthly Virtual events

- You will have access to all the monthly spanglish virtual events where you can connect with native english and spanish speakers to practice your conversation skills.

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How does it work?

Get paired with native speakers in a series of 10-minute conversations during every one-hour session. Attending as little as two times a week, for 2 hours at a time, you’ll meet and practice with an unparalleled number of native speakers.

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You will have access to all monthly virtual events of Spanglish Exchange where you can connect with people from all over the world while practicing your conversation skills.

There is no shortcut to Spanish fluency - but Spanglish is so fun you won’t want one! Spanglish starts during the 30 minute check in: Get to know the other Spanglishers – about half of the attendees at every event are new! After a little bit of ice-breaking, you’ll head to an assigned table for your first one-on-one conversation. No need to worry about making mistakes – the person sitting across from you is in the same boat! You converse for 5 minutes in english, 5 in Spanish – and then move on to a new conversation partner. By the second rotation we promise you’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget you’re learning.

What do we talk about at Spanglish?:

Whatever you want! There are no set topics. We talk about everything from our favorite superheroes to our favorite restaurants – it’s the best way to practice another language – hanging out in a relaxing environment and talking about stuff you know and like!

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Spanglish Exchange

Spanglish is a language exchange that brings together native English speakers, native Spanish speakers, and just enough beer to make it less intimidating to practice a foreign language. Our format of one-on-one “mini-conversations” that last for 10 minutes (5 in Spanish, 5 in English), give you the chance to practice your conversation skills with multiple native speakers. The idea is that more is better!


Spanglish es un intercambio de idiomas que atrae a hispanohablantes y angloparlantes al igual, con el objetivo de practicar una lengua no nativa. Nuestro formato de mini-conversaciones de diez minutos (5 en ingles y 5 en español) les da una oportunidad a todos los participantes de practicar con diferentes nativos, toda la noche. Spanglish no es una clase, es un evento social donde aprendes detalles lingüísticos, culturales y conoces gente de todo el mundo!

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