Occam's LIVE


Spend 2 days in Austin, Texas where you''ll get your own customized biohacking plan to transform your body, end your dieting kick, and supercharge your brain.

This retreat is for entrepreneurs and high-level business people who are looking to turn back the hands of time, regain their mental sharpness, and overcome any blocks to becoming limitless.

At this retreat you will get:

✅ How to end yo-yo dieting and identify foods to help you see a slimmer waistline, build definition in your body, and eliminate brain fog.

✅ Access to medical-grade supplementation and protocols that can switch on your dormant hormones and help you feel 10 years younger.

✅ Awaken your brain with nootropics specifically for your neurochemistry and put an end to morning grogginess.

✅ Guided sessions to tap into your unconscious and heal your lingering negative voice to overcome any obstacle and hit your goals repeatedly.

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