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Before we get started learning how to fix our vision, let’s understand a little of how

the eyes actually work.

By the way, you don’t have to understand any of this in order to attain perfect

vision. It’s for your interest only. Also, knowing a little about the eyes can help you

see the logic and reasoning behind some of the exercises. This may help increase

your confidence in your routine, which in turn, helps you stick with the program.

I thought for a long time about how much information to include here. It’s easy to

get caught up in the biology and physiology, but to be honest, too much

understanding can often side-track you from you goal of improving your vision.

So I’ve basically, ‘dumbed down’ the information, to give you a very simple

overview of the mechanics of the eye. If you’re really interested in a detailed and

in-depth description, there’s tons of information available on the net.

Just go to google.com and enter ‘how the eyes work’ as your search phrase.

So if you like things to be very technical and detailed, and you’re a stickler for

correctness, better skip the next section and do your own research. The following

is only a ‘rough guide to the eyes’ and intended for those who like their technical

info on the ‘hurry up’

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