Once I Loved (Sheet Music + Backing Tracks)

Here you will have access to great material to practice the song "Once I Loved".


• Melody sheet music (G-clef)

• Score with Suggested Bass Line (F-clef)

• TRIO Backing Track (mp3)

• NO BASS Backing Track (mp3)

• DRUMS AND BASS Backing Track (mp3)

Make your purchase right now, we are sure that this material will bring a great advance to your studies.

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    Studying music using backing tracks represents a major advance. That is why the quality of the backing tracks is extremely important, often the student dedicates hours using accompaniment of a fully electronic track, with robotic tones, without any naturalness, then when he joins to play with other real instrumentalists he is lost and his notes do not flow.

    Thinking about it, the Backing Track Center produces backing tracks in a differentiated format using the best tools and focusing on maximum quality and practicality. Our material is made available in high quality videos that emphasize the chords that are being played, this will help the student a lot in the development of musical perception and will please even the most experienced musicians.

    Welcome to the Backing Track Center, we are sure you will love our products!

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