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An Expert in any skill is someone who has accumulated around 10,000 hours of study and training in some area. However, a research by North American, Josh Kaufman, has shown that 20 hours is the minimum experience someone needs to master the fundamentals of any skill.

In this ONLINE PROGRAM with 67 video lessons, you will receive your first 40 hours of guitar experience through a specialized methodology on learning this instrument, called FAST LEARNING, which uses intelligent exercises based on the CUMULATIVE LEARNING SCIENCE (Scientific Fundamentals of Learning) that they will do you gradually evolve from the ZERO point! You are about to know THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE on the subject that was organized to deliver the content in a simple, objective and fractioned way, through a step-by-step guide. This is a course for those who love HIGH PERFORMANCE personal development studying just 1 hour daily.

7 DAY Money Back Guarantee.

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No Homework; Freedom to Study Whenever and Wherever You Want; Immediate Access to the Online Lessons Video Platform; 24-Hour Access to the Online Platform with Username and Password; Save on Lesson Evolution; Online Information and Inquiry Support Via e-mail; Access to Facebook's Secret Group; Payment Information Security; Anti-Procrastination Bonus by Coach Fernando Zenon; 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee; 95% in Time Savings; It is not Necessary to Schedule Class; Access from Any Device with a Browser and Connected to the Internet.

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Paulo A. Bispo
5 Hotmarter Years

Bacharel em Enfermagem pela Universidade Camilo Castelo Branco, Bombeiro Profissional Civil, Designer Gráfico, Músico há 15 anos, Professor de violão há 5 anos, Cantor há 4 anos, amante da música a vida toda. Fundador do "Programa Violão Online | Soluções no Aprendizado do Violão" que entrega tecnologia do aprendizado as pessoas que desejam aprender ou já tentaram aprender o violão, mas sem sucesso. Criador do programa de ensino online "As Primeiras 40 Horas no Violão", após realizar pesquisa com testes empíricos em alunos presenciais de aulas de violão, baseando-se nas Fundamentações Científicas do Aprendizado (Aproximações Sucessivas e Aprendizagem Acumulativa). Tem por objetivo levar Cultura e Arte para aqueles que buscam na música uma inspiração.

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