Oyá, the girl who conquered the winds


Hello kids from all colors and places!

Hey you from all tribes!

Did you know that to be free, make your dreams come true and achieve happiness it doesn’t matter where you live neither who is your family nor school or friends?

This book brings in a kind way, the little girl Oya’s story who works, obey, play, make innocent treats with creativity, sympathy, and always with peace in her heart.

She respects the customs and culture of her people, but, at the same time, leads with much grace and wisdom changes which have made her happy.

I invite you to be enchanted with this wonderful book about the way of being, thinking and acting in this universe of black and white roots and all of shades of skin.

Know that it is up to you only to change the paths where you wish to walk along.

For this reason, be a thunder, a windstorm, a breeze, a heavy rain or calmness in the hardest moments of your life. Forces of nature, if well conducted and respected inside your heart, make you the one who let a bright shine wherever you cross.

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