Perfecting The Art of Barbecue


Everyone, everywhere these days has a favorite grilling technique, particular grill, or guidebook, but the end result is nearly always the same: juicy, smokey, tasty meat and veggies cooked over an open flame. The act of lighting a grill returns us to our roots, allows us to appreciate the outdoors, and reconnects us with our inner Neanderthal’s. You don't need every gadget or high-end technology for the finest backyard BBQ this summer; all you need is a simple grill, some meat, and a few tricks up your sleeve.

High (450 to 650°F/230 to 340°C; one to three seconds). Foods will soar in a matter of seconds in this range, making it great for crusting steaks, pork chops, and thin vegetables like asparagus.

Medium-high (four to five seconds; 375 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit/190 to 230 degrees Celsius). You'll get crust here, too, but it'll take a little longer, enabling your meal to cook through a little more while it's crusting. At these temperatures, I like to cook burgers, thickly cut vegetables, or seafood.

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