Personal Transformation


How to use ancient wisdom to create a new life of success and happiness for yourself.

This is a good read for anyone interested in self-improvement ideas.

The principles presented here may seem simple -- even obvious -- and there is a danger that because of their simplicity, they may be regarded as useless. That would be the greatest mistake!

While they are simple to understand, these principles are not easy to follow, and even more difficult to master. It has been said that even an eight year-old child may understand them but even an eighty year-old man cannot practice them unless he puts in the right effort.

So, spend some time reading and understanding the universal principles in this book. Then, start re-inventing yourself and your life by putting these principles into practice in your life. Begin to live your life well and choose to be the master of your own destiny.

There are ten articles in this book. Each article touches on a very important principle of success and happiness. Put into practice each one of them and you will change your life forever.

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