Piano Lessons for BEGINNERS


Learn piano in 15 minutes a day with the unique method and valuable tips from the world's largest piano channel.

For those who want to start from scratch, in an objective way, without the fuss of traditional lessons, in order to accelerate their learning, focusing on the essentials to become a great pianist.

OBJECTIVE LESSONS Straight to the point, no fuss

BONUS LESSONS Regularly updated

EXCLUSIVE MATERIALS Print and follow the step-by-step of your learning!

EXERCISES Targeted for your success in studying

NEW! UNPRECEDENTED QUIZ Test your knowledge after each lesson!

100% ONLINE CONTENT Access anytime and anywhere!

COMPLETION CERTIFICATE Unique with the seal of the World's Largest Piano Channel School

Lord Vinheteiro shows the techniques that led him to create the World's Largest Piano Channel!

Carefully selected content by Lord, the exercises and songs have been customized to simplify the study of keyboard instruments as much as possible.

In the Piano Lessons for Beginners by Lord Vinheteiro, you learn to play the piano by imitation, without reading sheet music, and also with the accompaniment of sheet music.

You also gain exclusive advantages and benefits as a member of the Lord's Club.

At LMA, you learn the secrets of the instrument to play in the most dynamic way possible, and you also study with someone who understands the subject and is a worldwide reference in piano.


See you in class,

Lord Vinheteiro


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