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Our Plant Catalog was ellaborated with the knowledge of more than 12 years in the market in knowing the best plant for all zones in America and Canada.

It is classified by plant types such as Evergreens, Trees, Fruits, Shrubs, Perennials, Vines and will help you identify which plants are more resistant and which type of lighting is the most ideal.

Everything in detail for you landscaper or architect to make your client loyal and happy with the results and, obviously, not having to spend 2x on plants that will die.

Maria, 43-year-old businesswoman, needs a plant for her sunny environment near the pool to put in her Vietnamese pot. However, she doesn't have time to water a plant since her life is quite hectic because of her company and therefore, she also needs the plant to be resistant to pests. Which plant would you place?

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- More than 1000 species

- Plants by Zone (1-9)

- 183 pages

- Available for Download

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