Podcast and Vlog Live on YouTube and Facebook with Wirecast and Buzzsprout!


Este curso está en inglés simplificado.

Would you like to learn how to launch and grow your vlog and/or podcast on YouTube and Facebook live along with being available on iTunes?

What equipment and software do I use to film my classes, record my podcast and stream it all live?

Watching this course I hope will help with motivation to get started, a simple way to promote a podcast to friends, an easy way to go live on Facebook with 2 clicks, highlighting the importance of feedback, and sharing inside exactly how I have made 142 podcast episodes in a row along with doing many live on Facebook and YouTube!

Wirecast is the software I use to make filming and live streaming so easy!

Buzzsprout is what I use to host my podcast and get it into iTunes as well as Google Music at the $24 a month plan which gives me up to 12 hours of audio per month which I actually use!

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