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Cognitive skills such as problem solving, logical reasoning and critical thinking are

powerful tools to develop your English skills.

This ebook is totally written in English, and its main goal is to help students to improve their English skills by leading them to use logical reasoning and critical thinking.

It contains simple stories which contain Math problems related to different situations of everyday life.

So students are supposed to read the stories in order to identify the problems proposed, and analyse, interpret and solve those problems by applying their English and cognitive skills.

While dealing with the stories and the problems, they practice not only English, but also soft skills such as association, abstraction, concentration, perception, comparison, reasoning, among others.

Doing so, they improve not only their English skills, but also their self-confidence and self-esteem as English users.

As an example of the ebook content, try out the following story-based Math problem:

"Dogs have great importance in many people's lives, It doesn't matter if they are adults or children. They are good companions, and demonstrate unconditional affection for us, humans. That's why many people love dogs.

I have a friend who loves dogs. Her name is Thereza, and she has two; Billy, a male fox terrier, and Sally, a female pinscher. She treats them very well.

Every week Thereza spends R$45,00 in dog food, and R$17,45 in dog chews for her pets.

How much does she spend monthly?"

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