real food



1. I Grow Up on Real Food, Lose My Way, and Come Home Again

First I Explain What Real Food Is

We Become Vegetable Farmers in Virginia

I Am Forced to Eat Homemade Food

My Virtuous Diet Makes Me Plump and Grumpy

In London I Am Rescued by Farmers' Markets

I Discover Weston Price and His Odd Notions

Everywhere I Go, People Are Afraid of Real Food

2. Real Milk, Butter, and Cheese

I Am Nursed on the Perfect Food

I Remember Milking Mabel the Cow

A Short History of Milk

I Reply to the Milk Critics

Milk, Butter, Cholesterol, and Heart Disease

I Describe the Virtues of Raw Milk

I Learn to Appreciate Proper Cheese

3. Real Meat...

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