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A system on how you are planning to operate is of paramount. For logistics to run smoothly, there must be a supply chain which is clear and specific identifying how the flow will go on goods and services to be provided, important stakeholders are included to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. In your journey of providing goods and services for community at large a Value system is very important and operational guide which serves as direction on how you planning to operate the goods and services to be provided.. The workforce should be trained, so that they are clear on the product or service offering. The system that runs the operation should be able and up to date. avoid Khios by all means know how to respond to operational needs. they system should specify who does what and be able to allocate responsibilities. Why? because money follows value, so value system is key in the operation of product and service offering. A guide should be there on how to prioritize work, know why you exist, knowledge of end product or service offering, with clear vision and goal where you wan to be. your ability to see what others don't see is a sign you are on the right path, an open field for you looks like a mall for convenient of people to come and do shopping.. once proper systems are in place with clear values system it will generate guaranteed sustainability and longevity in whatever product or service you have to offer. Put in place that code of conduct and all will run smooth

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    Elias Namane

    I am friendly approachable person, passionate about helping people identify their potential through knowledge sharing from leadership to value system and results driven strategies. I come in to close the gap for those who feel lost, push them towards their Destiney through identifying their potential God given ability, draw them closer to strategies from foundation throughout the final product. I believe foundation is very important in establishing who you are and why you exist, most of all why would someone believe in your ideas that your ideas has the potential to solve a problem in-exhange for reward

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