Awakening woman - Connecting to your sacred feminine power

Awakening is a course designed to support you on your journey of finding who you are in authenticity and truth and claim your personal power. The course is based on 4 main pillars: DISCOVER, REGULATE & ROOT, ALIGN & FLOW and IGNITE & CLAIM.

I will first invite you to discover your qualities and pitfalls, and embrace all parts of yourself. Then, show you how to regulate your nervous system so that you will feel safe, grounded and calm. Next step will be aligning with your cycles and find the flow in your life. Finally, you will learn how to ignite and claim your power, and live based on your own values, free from external pressure. The course will teach self-regulating techniques for reducing stress, simple skills that you can apply to your life to have more time and energy for yourself and get rid of a life full of to-do-lists and obligations and daily rituals which will immediately bring you more inner peace, and make you feel healthier and happier. I follow an intuitive approach, based on the chakra model, aligned with coaching, psychology, mindfulness and visual expression techniques and conscious movement practice.

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Susana Pedrosa

I believe that each person has the ability to create beauty, peace and the lives we dream of and I am convinced that our biggest strength lies in learning how to live our lives with connection and authenticity. I dedicate my life to support and empower people on this journey.

As part of my journey of personal growth, I focused on creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for myself and the planet and studied different healing practices with body and ancestral techniques. I finally decided to dedicate my life to supporting and empowering others and studied to become a professional coach.

I now help women finding themselves and knowing who they are, free from judgment, while accepting themselves and building the confidence to create a life with less external control and more balance, where they are priority and feel free, light and connected to their spirituality and personal power.

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