Sacred Water


Connect with your body, emotions, and the universe through movement and sound.

Who is this course for?

This is a course for the woman that is ready to connect with her body, her emotions, and her higher self, the universe, through movement, touch, and sound. This course will help you surrender your mind so you can access your subconscious and release the trapped emotions that have been stored in your physical body so you can live freely and access your sacred power. It’s for the woman who wants to feel centered, connected to her essence and to all the gifts of the feminine, which embodies the qualities of flow, receptivity, intuition, creativity, collaboration, and empathy, to name just a few.

This program will help you discover your inner wisdom and develop physical awareness. When you’re able to find attunement with your inner and outer worlds, you can experience a deep sense of flow and harmony that ripples throughout all aspects of your lives.

Combining breathwork, dance, and meditation this program will help you look within instead of without. It will help shift your energy and empower you to begin living a life of intention. You will be guided through a process to release control, and instead learn to receive, surrender, and enjoy being you. You will connect to your beautiful heart and finally feel the freedom of your Sacred Soul.

What's inside this course?

Movement, Sound, and Touch

These classes include a dynamic combination of breath-work, body appreciation, dance, visualization, and meditations.

The entire course is based online so you can access the classes on demand from anywhere.

You have unlimited access to the materials so you can grow at your own pace. Whether you are working full-time, traveling, or dealing with big life events during the program, you don’t have to worry about falling behind.

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