Specialty Coffee


Do you know coffee is the second most drank beverage, just after water? Do you know that coffee is the second most valuable material, just after oil?

I am a hospitality professional narrowed to all the expertise of Specialty Coffee. With 5 years in the Hospitality Industry and two years of learning about Specialty Coffee, I intend to teach you all I know to become a unique coffee connaisseur. In this course, you will learn:

-All types of coffee brewing (V60, espresso, Aero Press, and more)

- How to differenciate commercial coffee from Specialty Coffee.

- All theoretrical and practical foundations to become a Barista.

- How to develop your own recipes.

- How to properly select Specialty Coffee.

- Where to find other coffee lovers like you.

This course was made for you if:

- You have a fond of coffee like me.

- You want to open a Coffee Shop or to become a Barista.

- You are open to learn something new.

If you are ready to delve into the fantastic world of coffee, sign into this course!

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